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Analyst Reports

DICE Evaluation of Bright Cluster Manager

November 2010

DICE validated emblem The Data Intensive Computing Environment (DICE) program, the HPC research division of the non-profit research corporation Avetec, performed an in-depth investigation of Bright Cluster Manager. The evaluation identified the software's capabilities, user and center impacts, as well as security and interoperability issues within a single location. Vendors, industry, academia and government laboratories rely on DICE's independent, vendor-neutral testing body to obtain real-world production scale performance data about products and technologies.

"Developed to meet the increasing demands of today's HPC data centers, Bright Cluster Manager provides the capacity, scalability and interoperability to centrally manage clusters over locally and widely distributed and heterogeneous HPC infrastructures," said Roger Panton, Executive Director of the DICE program.

Other findings from the DICE evaluation include:

  • "Bright Computing has developed a solution to accomplish HPC system administration with a single system view."
  • "Installation was straightforward and problem-free; our test cluster was up and running in a very short period of time."
  • "The GUI is intuitive. The CMSH is a robust CLI interface that can be used for situations that require scripting."
  • "Bright makes it simple for administrators since it supports using regular Linux tools and commands to make the modifications."
  • "The DICE team tested several MPI implementations with success."

Click to request a copy of the DICE report.

451 Group Impact Report: The future is Bright, the future is clusters

January 2011

HPC Analyst John Barr of the 451 Group produced this Impact Report on Bright: the company, its business model, products, customers and competition. Mr. Barr also provided his SWOT analysis of Bright Computing in this report.

"Bright Computing's Cluster Manager addresses the growing need for sophisticated management products to support ever-more-complex compute clusters. The company's strategy is one of partnership to build its sales channel, and collaboration to cover all of the HPC bases in an integrated product."

Other findings from the report include:

  • Bright Cluster Manager is an integrated product, not a toolkit with potentially incompatible components — which is the case for a number of open source alternatives.
  • It's level of support for HPC ticks many important boxes, particularly NVIDIA GPUs and Infiniband networks, and its relationship with ScaleMP adds an interesting SMP angle for clusters.
  • Bright Cluster Manager manages the installation, use, monitoring and management of HPC clusters, offering resilience through redundant head nodes. It is based on a trusted Linux distribution (a variety of Linux flavours are supported), and can be driven from a flexible GUI or by command line.
  • The management console is independent of the cluster itself (and can be run on Windows or MacOS), meaning that multiple clusters can be managed from a single console.
  • It handles provisioning, cluster-health monitoring and automated management tasks.
  • The parallel shell enables administrators and users to easily run the same command across all or part of a cluster.
  • A wide-range of development tools can be pre-integrated.
  • The cluster market is growing, HPC tools and technologies crossing over into the mainstream, and there is a shortage of skilled system management staff. Cluster management products are more important today than ever before.

Click to request a copy of the 451 Group Impact Report.

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