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User Portal

Bright Cluster Manager® includes a web-based user portal that provides access to essential cluster information useful for cluster users. The User Portal can easily be customized and expanded using the PHP interface to the Bright Cluster Manager SOAP API.

Acess to Cluster Information

Bright Cluster Manager ScreenshotBright Cluster Manager Screenshot
The Bright Cluster Manager User Portal

The User Portal provides access to cluster information that is useful to regular users of the cluster. Information is provided in a number pages accessible through tabs:

Home Page

The top three sections on the home page provide space for a message of the day and contact information from the local cluster administrator, as well as links to documentation.

The middle section provides an overview of essential cluster metrics, such as:

  • Cluster uptime, number of nodes and devices up/down/closed
  • Number of users logged in
  • Power consumption
  • Occupation rate
  • Memory and swap space used out of total
  • System load by user/system/idle/other

The bottom section provides a summary of workload management statistics for each queue, such as:

  • Scheduler used
  • Number of slots
  • Number of nodes
  • Number of jobs running
  • Number of jobs queued
  • Number of jobs failed
  • Number of jobs completed
  • Average duration of a job
  • Estimated delay of a job

Workload Page

This page lists all the jobs that the logged in user has currently running and waiting.

Nodes Page

This page lists all the node types available in the cluster, together with some essential hardware and software characteristics, such as CPU type, memory size, hard disk space, node category, kernel version, etc.

Graphs Page

On the graphs page, users can create time-value graphs from cluster metrics, such as CPU temperatures, memory usage, network statistics, etc.

Customizable & Extendable

The User Portal was designed to be easily customizable and expandable.

Sections such as Message-of-the-Day, Documentation and Contact simply point to files that can be modified by the system administrator and will not be replaced upon a software update.

Since the User Portal is written in PHP and uses the Bright Cluster Manager SOAP API, it can very easily be modified and expanded. For example, you could easily create one or more additional tabs that point to your own PHP code that call the SOAP API for collecting any data stored in the cluster database.

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