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Bright Computing Collaborates with Dell for Genomic Analysis

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News Release

June 4, 2013

Bright Computing Collaborates with Dell for Genomic Analysis

Bright Cluster Manager provides cluster and workload management for the Dell Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences solution

San Jose, California — Bright Computing today announced it is providing cluster and workload management for Dell’s Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences solution, a pre-integrated, High Performance Computing (HPC) platform optimized for the analysis of genomic sequences. By leveraging Bright Cluster Manager® in the solution, Dell is enabling customers to store, manage, and analyze growing genomic data sets, increasing the focus on science and patients, not on complex infrastructure management.

According to a May 2012 editorial in Personalized Medicine by Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Mark Boguski, the third wave of medical genomics once again shifts the burden for progress onto computing, owing to the proliferation of low-cost, efficient systems for sequencing DNA. From disciplines as diverse as cancer treatment, drug design, agriculture, biofuel, and forensics, comes a digital deluge of data that demands an appropriately matched HPC platform.

Dell’s Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences solution enables organizations, researchers and clinicians to accelerate time-to-insight with an easy-to-deploy, open standards-based architecture designed for performance, scalability and efficiency. It is a pre-integrated, pre-configured converged solution that is tested prior to delivery. Servers, memory, storage, networking, cluster interconnect, management and software development tools are pre-configured and pre-installed in a single, 42-unit rack. From the management perspective, Bright Cluster Manager provisions, monitors and manages the entire computational subsystem. Bright Cluster Manager enriches the value of the solution by enabling:

  • Deployment and maintenance of customer software via image-based management and provisioning capabilities
  • The ability to capture 'point-in-time' images of the compute infrastructure via Bright, for example, to validate results in response to compliance, legal and/or regulatory requests by re-creating the entire environment
  • Design and implementation of customer workflows via integrated data and workload management capabilities in Bright such as data-aware scheduling of a computational workload to a large-memory Dell rack server
  • The ability to incorporate a Dell Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences solution into an existing, on-premise HPC infrastructure
Through such contributions, Bright Computing complements Dell’s ability to deliver a single source for solution design, delivery and support.

“Dell has established a solid working relationship with Bright Computing over the years,” said Reza Rooholamini, Director of Engineering at Dell. “By including the innovative management capabilities of Bright Cluster Manager in our solution, we are helping organizations, researchers and clinicians empower bioinformatics as a key value enabler.”

“I am delighted and proud that Dell’s Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences solution integrates Bright Cluster Manager as the cluster and workload management solution,” said Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen, CEO of Bright Computing. “As the third wave of medical genomics advancements get underway, we believe that Dell is uniquely positioned as a total solution provider to address customers’ workflow management, computational and data storage needs arising from advances in wet-lab sequencing of DNA.”

Announced today at the Dell Enterprise Forum in San Jose, California, Dell Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences is expected to be available in the U.S. starting in August. Bright Cluster Manager is available today for evaluation purposes on a variety of platforms.

About Bright Computing

Bright Computing specializes in management software for on-premise HPC, Hadoop, storage, database and workstation clusters, as well as the seamless extension of these clusters into the cloud. Its flagship product — Bright Cluster Manager — with its intuitive graphical user interface and powerful cluster management shell, makes clusters of any size easy to install, use and manage, including systems combining processors with accelerators (e.g., NVIDIA GPUs) or coprocessors (e.g., Intel Xeon Phi). Bright's minimal footprint enables systems to be utilized to their maximum potential, from departmental Hadoop clusters to large-scale supercomputers. Bright Computing partners include Amazon, Cisco, Cray and Dell, while Boeing, ING Bank, NASA, Roche, Saudi Aramco plus Stanford University and Tokyo Institute of Technology are examples of Bright customers. Bright Computing is a Red Herring 2013 Top 100 North America Award winner, the Deloitte Technology Fast50 “Rising Star 2013” Award winner, the Main Software 50 “Highest Growth” Award winner, and Bright Cluster Manager was a "Best of Show Award" winner at Bio-IT World 2013.

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