Technical Partner Trainings — Spring 2017

By Bright Staff | February 23, 2017

We are pleased to announce two partner training events and invite all of our partner community members to consider joining.

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SGI and Bright Showcase their Collaboration at the Met Office, at UK HPC event

By Lee Carter | February 02, 2017

I had the pleasure of attending the UK HPC & Big Data event, organised by GovNet, yesterday in London.

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HPDA and Deep Learning to Lead to Growth in HPC Market

By Lionel Gibbons | January 31, 2017

According to a recent IDC annual market report, discussed in HPCwire, new big data demands from high performance data analytics and deep learning are likely to drive future growth in the HPC market. Here are the details from that report.

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Using deep learning to build a better hearing aid

By Lionel Gibbons | January 26, 2017

The world is a noisy place. On a busy city sidewalk, a pedestrian might hear the honking of car horns, the wailing of distant sirens, the tinny tinkle of an ice cream truck, the bass thud of music from an upstairs apartment, the barking of dogs, etc. Now imagine that this pedestrian is hard of hearing and trying to carry on a conversation with the person walking next to her. Conventional hearing aids would amplify all of those sounds in a way that produces garbled noise, drowning out the desired sounds of the conversation. But thanks to Deep Learning, there is a better method under development.

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How Deep Learning is Changing Our Reality

By Lionel Gibbons | January 24, 2017

According to a recent column from James Kobielus, published at InfoWorld, deep learning has taken machine learning from the traditional application to textual data and extended its reach to complex content types including video, voice, and music. It's what gives your smartphone's voice activated assistant the ability to understand you, and it's the technology behind voice and facial recognition. It provides the ability of a robot or a drone to respond intelligently to the environmental conditions that surround it. But, Kobielus notes, deep learning goes even farther. It alters reality.

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Reducing the Energy Part of the HPC Cluster Cost Equation

By Lionel Gibbons | January 19, 2017

According to an award-winning paper from researchers at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, there is a way to immediately reduce the energy costs of operating a HPC cluster. Here are the details, as reported by Inside HPC.

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Government's computing needs met through private cloud solutions

By Lionel Gibbons | January 10, 2017

According to a recent post from GovTechWorks, 64 percent of federal IT managers prefer to keep most of their agency's cloud-based applications in a private cloud, due to compliance requirements with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). This marks a higher amount of private-cloud use in the federal sector than those from the state and local government as well as the higher education sector.

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Setting up GPU Hypervisors on OpenStack

By Ahmed Mostafa | January 05, 2017

At Bright, we have our own private cloud based on Bright OpenStack. We use it to run R&D, dev, and QA workloads for our engineering teams. 

One of the ways we use it is to test the GPU integration of our cluster management software. To do this, we need to expose the GPUs to the VMs via PCI-passthrough. That’s the easy part.

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Five Predictions for HPC Clusters in 2017

By Lionel Gibbons | December 22, 2016

As the year draws to a close, we have been thinking about what the HPC industry is likely to face in 2017. How will the role of HPC change in the modern data center? What new uses will HPC be put to? What about HPC in the cloud? We wanted to share our thoughts with you, and ask you to weigh in with your own predictions. Here’s what we think will happen in 2017:

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