Is OpenStack Blinded by Science?

By Lionel Gibbons | November 13, 2017
If this is November, this must be SC. Yes, the annual Supercomputing conference is upon us, and I’ve already had several conversations about the role OpenStack should play in scientific computing. 
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Bright to Exhibit at SC '17 in Denver Colorado

By Bright Staff | November 13, 2017

 Bright Computing is excited to be exhibiting at SC ’17.  This year, the conference is being held November 12 - 17 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver in booth #937.  During the show, Bright will be showcasing its software solutions which automate the deployment, monitoring and management of HPC, OpenStack, Big Data and Deep Learning environments. This year’s event promises to be better than ever and exhibitors will showcase revolutionary work in high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis. Bright Computing is excited to be delivering an action-packed schedule throughout SC, with live demos, theater presentations, and more! For a comprehensive breakdown of our theater schedule and topics, click here.

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Data Center Technology: HPC, OpenStack, or Hadoop?

By Lionel Gibbons | October 30, 2017

The latest IDC big data report says the world will go from producing a current annual average of 30 zettabytes (a zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes) of data to 163 zettabytes by 2025.

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A Review of OpenStack Days Nordic 

By Piotr Wachowicz | October 20, 2017

We’ve just returned from OpenStack Days Nordic, a two-day conference in Copenhagen. As was to be expected, it was a worthwhile event.The keynotes, especially, did not disappoint.

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What Is Cloud Bursting, and Why Is It Important?

By Lionel Gibbons | October 17, 2017

According to IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2016 Predictions, the cloud will be the preferred delivery mechanism for analytics by 2018. For enterprises across sectors, turning that prediction into reality will be driven by HPC used to run parallel applications.

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Ever Feel Like Building a Linux Cluster from Scratch Was Overkill?

By Lionel Gibbons | September 29, 2017

There are plenty of options for building a Linux cluster, including commercial and open-source software. Of course, there are limitations to the support an open-source community can provide, and not all commercial solutions are up to the task.

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Call for Speakers at SC17, Denver, CO

By Bright Staff | September 18, 2017

You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity speak at SC17! We are inviting customers and partners to speak on the show floor in our booth at the Colorado Convention Center, November 13-16. Bright will have a live Theater within the booth featuring hourly 20-minute presentations from Bright customers and partners. If you’re a Bright customer or partner, this is a perfect opportunity to promote your business and its success, in front of industry peers and potential customers. If you’re a customer, come talk about the cool and unique things you are doing with your Bright-managed environment. If you’re a partner, tell people about your unique Bright-enabled solutions and how Bright’s products are helping you achieve your goals.

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3 Uncommon Examples of Deep Learning in the Enterprise

By Lionel Gibbons | September 11, 2017

While tech companies like Google and Facebook have already invested heavily in deep learning technology as a core part of automating their services, the broader impact on enterprises more generally is just beginning.

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13 Best HPC Blogs To Follow

By Lionel Gibbons | August 31, 2017

For anyone connected in any way to the evolving world of HPC, AI, big data, and other connected topics, it’s important to have a broad view of what is happening across the sector that can provide insights, ideas, education, and general news to put you in a stronger position to make decisions going forward.

With the advent of blogs and social media, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with all the latest goings-on. In fact, there are so many sources, it can be hard to figure out which ones to pay attention to.

So, without further ado, here is our latest take on the best HPC blogs to follow.

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Join the Research Computing Technology Day all about Deep Learning and HPC

By Grant Gustafson | August 07, 2017

You've probably noticed an uptick in talk about machine learning and deep learning in your circle of HPC friends and colleagues. People are finding new ways to apply deep learning to all sorts of business problems and using HPC clusters to provide the compute power. But things are changing so rapidly that it's hard to keep up with all the new libraries, frameworks, architectures, and tools you can choose from. 

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