Bright Partner Webinar - A Preview of Bright Cluster Manager 8.2

Wednesday October 17, 11am ET / 4pm London

This webinar is for our partner community only, to provide an insight into the latest features and functionality that are included Bright Cluster Manager 8.2, which will be announced at SuperComputing in Dallas, in November.

Join Martijn de Vries and Robert Stober to hear:
  • The latest functionality included in Bright Cluster Manager 8.2
  • How to provision and manage compute for the Intelligent Edge with a new add-on feature called Bright Edge
  • An update on Bright and Kubernetes
  • An overview of the latest additions to Bright OpenStack

Bright_Expert_Webinar_Logo.pngPartner Webinar:
Introduction to Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science 

This add-on to Bright Cluster Manager provides everything your customers need to accelerate their data science projects. Your customers can access all of their data in Hadoop or Spark, and use their favorite deep learning tools to analyze it. Bright brings everything together in a simple, easy to deploy and manage solution that will get your customers up and running quickly and reliably in less time than you might imagine. Join Robert Stober, Product Manager at Bright Computing, for a deep dive into Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science.



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