Bright Computing and SGI

Bright Cluster Manager is compatible with SGI® ICE™ X and XA systems, and SGI Rackable™ systems of SGI.

Deploying Bright Cluster Manager on SGI supercomputers unlocks many benefits for users, including increased utilization due to health checks, reduced TCO, and single pane of glass management for a multivendor data center. A set of convenient SGI integration scripts allow users to easily install the Bright software on the SGI ICE X admin node or SGI Rackable head node out of the box and  run scripts that use auto discovery to find and configure each blade, chassis and rack.

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"SGI and Bright Computing have been working together for the last year to provide our joint customers with enterprise level clustered infrastructure management software for production supercomputing. By partnering with Bright Computing, our customers are able to select the cluster management tool that best suits their needs."

-Gabriel Broner, Vice President and General Manager of HPC at SGI

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