How to manage SGE (and other workload manager) jobs using the Bright CMGUI


By Robert Stober | March 11, 2013 | workload manager, Slurm, CMGUI, Job Scheduler, PBS Pro, Moab, Maui, LSF, Grid Engine, openlava, SGE jobs, Sun Grid Engine, Linux cluster scheduler, OGS



The Bright Cluster Manager CMGUI makes tasks intuitively easy. This article shows how you can view and control workload manager jobs using the Bright CMGUI. I am using an OGS (SGE) job to provide examples, but Bright works the same way with all Bright's supported workload managers: PBS Professional, Slurm, Univa Grid Engine, LSF, openlava, TORQUE/Moab, TORQUE/Maui.

Let's get started.

First, with Bright's CMGUI, you can easily view the list of running and pending jobs.

cmgui job list resized 600

And then you can easily drill down. To get detailed information for a specific job, select it then press the "Show" button.

cmgui job detail resized 600

It only takes a second to suspend the selected job: press the "Suspend" button.

cmgui suspend job resized 600

And you can resume it by pressing the "Resume" button.

cmgui resume job resized 600

You can kill the selected job by pressing the "Remove" button.

cmgui remove job resized 600

You can hold a pending job by pressing the "Hold" button.

cmgui hold job resized 600

Finally, you can release a held job by pressing the "Release" button. Note that the job doesn't have to have been held through Bright to be released.

cmgui release job resized 600

Now, how easy was that?

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