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By Bright Staff | January 20, 2014 | HPC, HPC News, Partners



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The rapidly changing high-performance computing (HPC) industry is moving on to growth at "ludicrous speed" with events like Silicon Mechanics' 3rd Annual Research Cluster Grant competition.  Silicon Mechanics has configured an HPC cluster (~$190K), including hardware and software donated by Intel, NVIDIA, HGST, Mellanox Technologies, Supermicro, Seagate, Kingston Technology, Bright Computing, and LSI Logic. As promised by Art Mann, Silicon Mechanics’ education/research/ government vertical group manager, they continue to support "cutting-edge research" with this grant competition. Read more about the grant here

Further driving forward HPC research is the recently announced, Intel and National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway) and ICHEC collaboration. “As a country, Ireland excels in the effective use of high-performance computing, and today’s partnership consolidates that standing,” said Prof Desplat. “The outcome of this ambitious programme will be improved software solutions in areas such as materials science, weather forecasting and data analytics.” Businessandleadership.com discusses the announcement in this article

Hot on the heels of their 2012 tiny "supercomputer for everyone" success on Kickstarter, Adapteva scored a huge funding win of $3.6MM from Carmel Ventures and Ericsson to drive forward their parallel computing chips prototypes. Read more about this landmark deal here.  

IBM announced yesterday the sixth generation of their enterprise X-Architecture putting out industry-leading improvements in the performance and economics systems, with interior flash memory that could see a 10X performance boost over external configurations.  These architectural innovations focus directly on the growing demands for big data analytics. An in-depth article covering the news is available here

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