Gain Peace of Mind with a Private Cloud


By Bright Staff | February 04, 2014 | Private Cloud, Security, OpenStack



peace of mindCloud computing continues to gain popularity. The lure of being able to access all of your important data no matter where you are is a powerful driver. However, cloud computing comes with a price, and keeping your data in the cloud means giving up some of the control over it. Fortunately, there is an alternative to public clouds that businesses can take advantage of –  private clouds.

Cloud storage has always been a security concern, and some highly-publicized security breaches have increased that concern recently. Is the data encrypted on the server? Is it encrypted as it moves from the server to your device? Is the data encrypted as it moves from one server to another? You have no control over this if you’re using a public cloud. At best, the security measures might be outlined in your terms of service agreement.

Finding a service that offers the security, features and service level you need can be difficult, so many organizations are implementing their own private clouds using OpenStack.

Changing the game

A private cloud changes that game completely. It gives you complete control over your data and the services available to your users.

Data security is the clear advantage of private clouds. By keeping everything in house you can make sure that data coming to and from your servers is encrypted, keeping sensitive data away from prying eyes. What’s more, handling user authentication in house reduces worries about people gaining access without your knowledge.

Give peace a chance

Data security is an important topic in the Internet age, and it’s likely we’ll continue to see security breaches in the news. By implementing a private cloud you can take advantage of the latest technology without giving up control of your assets.

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