5 Myths About Working with Vendors Every Reseller Should Know


By Ciara de Jong | February 20, 2014 | business, reseller, partner



 myth vs reality

Given the way some vendors behave, you could be forgiven for thinking that they are only interested in pushing their product. But the truth is that most vendors have a genuine interest in understanding the needs of their resellers and developing a long-term relationship with you. The way resellers and vendors view each other can have a lasting effect on the success of the business they do together, so I wanted to explore some common reseller/vendor myths and try to shed some light on them in the process. Examining these myths and getting to the truth can help you understand how the bond between vendor and reseller can be beneficial for both parties.

1. MYTH: Vendors are only interested in pushing their product or service on you.

While it's true that vendors want to sell their product or service, it’s also true that they want to form a professional relationship with their resellers that is based on mutual trust and understanding. Your vendors may be more interested it getting to know more about you and your needs than you realize. The most successful vendors will learn what you do and who your customers are.

If you want to understand how your vendors see you, think about how you see your own customers. You work hard to get to know your customers needs and suggest products that provide the most value to them. Try interacting with your vendors the way you’d like your customer to interact with you and you just might discover a powerful ally for your business.  Learn more

2. MYTH: Vendors don't put the same time into skill building and training as you do.

There's a common misconception that vendors don’t spend time training and honing their skills. Some resellers have the impression that vendors simply send their salespeople out to fend for themselves and only hire representatives who have a natural affinity for the job. The fact is that vendors actually spend at least as much time and money on training as other businesses, and sometimes more. Most so everything they can to make sure their representatives learn everything there is to know about the products they sell, and consider it a competitive advantage.

3. MYTH: You don't need vendors to succeed as a reseller.

You probably know a lot about the products that you sell. In fact, it’s likely that you know exactly which products to order from your vendors. But there may still be something to be gained by working with your vendors to make sure you get exactly what your customer needs. Sometimes, a subtle difference in an order can have a huge impact on your success with a customer. By maintaining a strong professional relationship with your vendors, you can stay informed about the latest offerings, be aware of special deals, and increase your profitability.

4. MYTH: Your vendors aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

If you feel like your relationship with your vendors has become too much of a one-way street, try opening up your communications with them. As a reseller you interact with end users, so you know a lot more about their wants, needs, and buying preferences. That kind of information is invaluable to product vendors, and something they don’t often have access to. By communicating what you know back to your vendors, you can help them make better product and business decisions that will benefit everyone. Learn more

5. MYTH: Switching to another vendor would cause long-term financial hardship.

Getting set up with a new vendor does carry some risk, but the initial impact that the move may have on your finances is only temporary. In the long term, switching to a vendor that takes the time to understand your needs and provide you with the best service will pay off. Learn more

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