Hadoop's Big Impact on Large Scale Computing


By Bright Staff | February 25, 2014 | Cluster Management, Hadoop



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Most of us were introduced to Hadoop as a tool to help companies extract useful information from massive amounts of transactional data. The big online retailers use it to analyze buying patterns and predict what people might want to buy next. Online advertisers use it to figure out which ad to put in front of us on every web page we visit. And search vendors use it to help guess what it is your'e really looking for when you type that ad-hoc query into your search bar.

But according to this article in Smart Data Collective, The use of Hadoop is not limited to large search engines or even Internet marketing...businesses across many industries are leveraging Hadoop to reach multiple business goals.”


Hadoop's ability to absorb any type of data is well known. It doesn't matter if the data is structured or not, a Hadoop cluster can analyze just about any data for valuable information. Data from a variety of sources can be combined in new ways that provide results other systems can't.

Mobile Computing

In the world of mobile computing, Hadoop can analyze customer location, social media activity, and other signals. The results are used to provide those customers with services specifically tailored to their needs.  

Financial Security

Hadoop has found its way into the financial world in a number of ways. It's used to detect fraud, and identify security threats that might otherwise go unnoticed. It also provides valuable insight into customer behavior by analyzing the way they use their mobile devices, exposing activities that might undermine security.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Hadoop helps pharmaceutical companies quickly root out low performers when bringing new drugs to market. It can also shorten the time to market after developing a new drug. Othes in the healthcare industry also use Hadoop to provide more personalized patient care.


While Hadoop isn't the solution to all the world's problems -- as the hype machine sometimes claims -- it is changing the world of computing in very real ways. Have you noticed Hadoop is making an impact in peoples lives? Feel free to share your story in the comments.