What's new, what's cool in Bright Cluster Manager 7 for HPC


By Lionel Gibbons | March 20, 2014 | Cloud, HPC, Cluster Management, Linux Cluster Management, Cisco



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Yesterday we announced the release of the first member of our new product line, Bright Cluster Manager 7 for HPC. Our developers have been hard at work for the last 9 months honing and refining our flagship product to make it even better for all the HPC cluster sysadmins who count on us every day. 

They’ve also extended Bright Cluster Manager’s capabilities so that it can bring Bright’s cluster management know-how to Hadoop and OpenStack sysadmins. But I’ll save that for a future post. For today, let’s focus on what’s new and cool in Bright Cluster Manager 7.

Revision Control for Images

We’ve taken the concept of revision control familiar to most software developers and brought it to cluster management. Now you can maintain multiple images for use in your cluster and manage them from Bright Cluster Manager 7. You can even revert to a previous image if something goes wrong with a new one you’re trying out. For more details about the new revision control feature, see our blog post on revision control of software images for clusters.

Integrated support for Cisco UCS

The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is an innovative approach to unifying computing, networking, management, virtualization, and storage access into a single integrated architecture. By integrating with the Cisco Integrated Management Controller, Bright Cluster Manager 7 can now configure network, identity, and other services directly. We’ve made it easier than ever to build and operate an HPC cluster with Cisco UCS.

Better Dynamic Cloud Provisioning

The ability to build a cluster out of virtual servers on Amazon’s EC2 service has been part of Bright Cluster Manager for some time now. What’s new in release 7 is the ability to use native cloud storage, and the way we hold off from spinning up compute servers until all the data a job needs is in place, and the job is ready to run. By fine tuning the utilization of EC2, we’re able to shave off some of the cost you’ll incur so you’ll have more budget left over to use on other projects.  Check out how one customer used this capability in this case study.


I hope you’re as excited about Bright Cluster Manager 7 as we are. And stay tuned, there’s more to come.

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