Wayne State Makes a Deserving Winner for the Research Cluster Grant Competition


By Matthijs van Leeuwen | April 30, 2014 | silicon mechanics, competition, grant



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It’s not often that a business gets to give back to the community in a meaningful way. We’ve all made charitable contributions, and held team excursions to help local groups raise money or distribute food for the needy. But sometimes, there’s an opportunity to do more and our partner, Silicon Mechanics, has found a great one.

For three years running, Silicon Mechanics has assembled a state-of-the-art cluster from hardware and software donated by Bright Computing and many others, and offered it as a contest prize in the Research Cluster Grant Competition. The goal is to put a powerful research tool into the hands of a deserving research organization with university affiliations, so that they can use it to make the world a better place.

I am proud that Bright Computing is involved in the project, and congratulate this year’s winner, Wayne State University.

Their new cluster will be used by students in research projects, and play a part in new courses on computing with Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The cluster will let students field test their code as they learn to get the most out of the GPUs. The cluster will also be used to demonstrate state-of-the-art technology at events promoting STEM education. By showing the power of HPC, the university hopes to broaden its reach among students, and Detroit’s high-tech businesses.

So congratulations to Wayne State on their deserving win. I look forward to seeing the great uses they will put the cluster to.

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