The OpenStack Advantage


By Lionel Gibbons | May 22, 2014 | OpenStack, Cloud Computing, Cloud Manager



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OpenStack is actively developed by a community of thousands of developers. Bugs, errors, and features can be worked out quickly while also being developed. The latest release, Icehouse, boasts more than 300 new features, nearly 3000 bug fixes, and includes code from more than 1200 contributors. This level of active development provides a strong base on which growing organizations can rely on for their private Cloud needs.

As OpenStack is a fairly new player in the field of Cloud computing, it has surprisingly shot up in recognition and adoption. Last year, NetworkWorld reported: "The OpenStack camp boasts that at its semi-annual OpenStack Summit in mid-April, there were 3,000 conference attendees, 500 code contributors and 8,500 downloads." Last week, 4,500 people attended the OpenStack Summit 2014 in Atlanta. This large community surely says something about the power that OpenStack has over other products in the cloud market. NetworkWorld further describes OpenStack as "driven by multiple CLIs, has a strong, [and] token-based security system" while benefiting from "massively scalable redundant storage system [for] its high availability [model]."

OpenStack's modular nature allows it to be deployed in a custom manner that is specific to the application, making it more flexible than competing solutions. Some big name adopters are IBM, HP, Dell, NASA, and Rackspace. Each of them selected which features are required for their customers. 

Cloud computing is becoming a powerful tool for businesses needing a more flexible IT infrastructure.  OpenStack's modular architecture helps build a system that is easy to maintain and deploy, and maximized the utilization of their data center resources.

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