Is Outdated Infrastructure Weakening the Power of Your HPC Cluster?


By Lionel Gibbons | May 30, 2014 | Cloud Manager, Infrastructure



weak linkIf you're in a field heavy with research, such as aerospace, meteorology, pharmaceuticals or oil and gas, we probably don't need to tell you of the importance of HPC clusters. But just as the power of supercomputing is necessary for the work you do, the difficulties that come with managing your HPC don't have to be.

According to a recent article from HPCwire, outdated infrastructure can strangle the power of your HPC system. As that system grows over the years, it may have different servers with different manufacturers, different generations of processors and interconnect software, as well as tools that were once adequate but aren't adequate any longer, the article stated. The user base is more diverse, with diverse applications and a greater need for support. 

The article suggested viewing HPC as a framework that is built with components and implementing industry-standard system management tools whenever possible as this will make the systems less costly in the future. The HPC community should design a standard set of cluster management components will also remove some of the complexity of the system and commercial software tools should play nicely with other software in order to keep the system healthy, the article added.

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