About Bright


Making the new era of high-performance computing possible

High-performance computing as we know it is changing forever. It’s no longer about having a compute-rich, Intel-based system running modeling & simulation applications on bare metal using a workload manager in your data center. It’s about extending that system to the cloud and to the edge. It’s about running on VMs and in containers as well. It’s about running machine learning and analytics applications. It’s about using processors and accelerators from AMD, Arm, NVIDIA, Graphcore and others. It’s about bringing the potential of high-performance computing to EVERY industry.

This new era of high-performance computing brings with it a level of complexity that is crippling. Combining different types of applications, processors, vendor hardware and deployment models into one system requires a level of technical knowledge and expertise that few organizations have. This is where Bright Computing comes in.

Bright Computing has spent more than a decade building, refining, and perfecting Bright Cluster Manager – the software that has become renowned as the best cluster management software available. Bright software automates the process of building and managing high-performance Linux clusters, accelerating time to value, reducing complexity and increasing flexibility.

We’ve earned our reputation with thousands of installations in commercial, education, and government organizations around the world in the most computationally demanding environment there is – High Performance Computing (HPC). As we’ve expanded our product capabilities for machine learning, cloud, edge, containers, etc. to enable the new era of high-performance computing, we’ve stayed true to our heritage of “making it easier” to build and manage clustered infrastructure, so that our customers can focus their time and energy on things that add value to their business.


Value that is clear to your business

Bright packs a lot of functionality into its products, but the value that our customers derive from that functionality is what matters:

  • Reduced time to value for your cluster investment – Bright can provision and deploy a fully-managed cluster consisting of 10 to 30,000+ nodes from bare metal in about an hour
  • Reduced risk of cluster failure and the associated down-time for end users – Bright has been battle tested by hundreds and hundreds of high-performance production clusters over more than a decade
  • Increased productivity of your IT staff – Bright automates everything – provisioning, deploying, scaling, monitoring, failover – allowing staff to focus on higher-value activities
  • Better service to end users – Bright provides detailed insight and metrics on cluster performance, components, and jobs, allowing IT fully understand utilization and quickly answer questions from end-users and management
  • Business agility – A single Bright cluster can support a diverse set of workloads (HPC, Hadoop, Spark, TensorFlow, Torch, OpenStack, etc.), and automatically extend to public clouds for additional capacity when needed, allowing IT to quickly respond to new demands from the business
  • Future-proof – A continuous stream of new features and heterogenous platform support ensure that we stay several steps ahead of where your business is going