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Talk to anyone that has worked hands-on with clusters, and they’ll tell you that clusters are inherently complex, difficult to deploy, and difficult to manage. 

So in 2002, a group of technologists came together with a vision of developing software that would eliminate the complexity of building and managing clusters. But they didn’t want to just create software, they wanted to create the BEST software. And so, they spent more than a decade building, refining, and perfecting Bright Cluster Manager the software that has become renowned as the best cluster management software on the planet.   

We’ve earned our reputation by serving hundreds of commercial, education, and government customers around the world in the most computationally demanding environment there is High Performance Computing (HPC). Recently, the need for high-performance clusters has grown beyond HPC into artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud infrastructure, and we’ve stayed true to our heritage of “making it easy” by extending our products to automate deploying and managing Hadoop, Spark, OpenStack, and dozens of machine learning and deep learning frameworks on Bright clusters.  

Value that is clear to your business

Bright packs a lot of functionality into its products, but the value that our customers derive from that functionality is what matters:  

  • Reduced time to value for your cluster investment – Bright can provision and deploy a fully-managed cluster consisting of 10 to 30,000+ nodes from bare metal in about an hour  
  • Reduced risk of cluster failure and the associated down-time for end users – Bright has been battle tested by hundreds and hundreds of high-performance production clusters over more than a decade
  • Increased productivity of your IT staff – Bright automates everything – provisioning, deploying, scaling, monitoring, failover – allowing staff to focus on higher-value activities
  • Better service to end users – Bright provides detailed insight and metrics on cluster performance, components, and jobs, allowing IT fully understand utilization and quickly answer questions from end-users and management
  • Business agility – A single Bright cluster can support a diverse set of workloads (HPC, Hadoop, Spark, TensorFlow, Torch, OpenStack, etc.), and automatically extend to public clouds for additional capacity when needed, allowing IT to quickly respond to new demands from the business
  • Future-proof – A continuous stream of new features and heterogenous platform support ensure that we stay several steps ahead of where your business is going

Partnerships with leading technology providers

Bright has reseller agreements and technology partnerships with leading enterprise IT providers, including Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cray, IBM, Intel, Huawei, Fujitsu, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Amazon.  Learn more about our partnerships here.

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