Our software automates the process of building and managing Linux clusters in your datacenter, the cloud, and at the edge.

  • Provision 3 to 30,000+ nodes from bare metal in minutes
  • Repurpose servers to accommodate fluctuating workloads on the fly
  • Diagnose and resolve problems and performance issues quickly
  • Deploy software updates across the entire cluster effortlessly
  • Extend your on-premises environment to AWS and Azure dynamically

Build smarter clusters with Bright

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WATCH THE VIDEO: Bright cluster manager automates building & managing Linux clusters that span from edge to core to cloud

Linux clusters are powering a whole new generation of business innovation. Powerful new hardware, applications and software have system administrators struggling with complexity, while trying to provide a system that is both flexible and reliable for end-users. Bright Cluster Manager eliminates complexity and enables flexibility by allowing users to deploy complete clusters over bare metal and manage them reliably from edge to core to cloud.

Bright software is available from resellers worldwide

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Why Bright Computing
Deploy, provision, monitor, manage, and scale HPC, Big Data, and OpenStack.
Allocate compute resources dynamically, including into the cloud.
Easy to install, learn, and use.
Manage complexity and ensure scalability of clusters and clouds.
Maximize throughput. Minimize effort. Optimize resources.
Join hundreds of customers who have already standardized on Bright.
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Bright Customers
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  • 160px Intel

    Intel Technical Computing Group

    “Bright Computing, with their Bright Cluster Manager, significantly accelerated deployment of the Cherry Creek cluster by providing unified software management for both Intel Xeon processors and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.”

    Hugo Saleh

    Director of Marketing, Intel Technical Computing Group

  • nvidia 160px


    “Bright Cluster Manager provides a comprehensive solution for installation and configuration of accelerated clusters and the robust ecosystem of third-party supporting tools.”

    Duncan Poole

    Strategic Alliances Manager for Accelerated Computing, NVIDIA

  • Boeing 320px


    “Bright Cluster Manager's rapid rebooting across nodes has reduced our node provisioning by a factor of ten, and it's done with a few mouse-clicks.”

    Greg Siekas

    High Performance Computing Technical Lead, Boeing

  • ING 160px-1

    ING Corporate Investments

    “We have thoroughly evaluated both the company and its technology and have concluded that Bright is well-positioned to shake up its market and greatly extend its reach.”

    Maarten Hopman

    Head of Corporate Investments, ING

  • Sandia 160px

    Sandia National Laboratories

    "We are using several clusters of different size, architecture and complexity, and they are essential tools for our research. We require a cluster management solution that provides the flexibility to accomplish our diverse requirements, spanning from production to research and development.”

    James H. Laros III

    Principle Member of the Technical Staff and Computer Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories

  • testimonial-nia.png

    National Institute of Aerospace

    “Even with an open source installation, I would have had to procure umpteen different software packages. That would have skyrocketed the cost. From a hit-the-ground-running point of view, Bright just had everything we needed.”

    Wendy Murray

    IT Director, National Institute of Aerospace

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