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Member Partners

Xenon SystemsXenon-logo.png

XENON is a Bright Reseller and a Bright Service Partner, and an Australian leader in high performance computing solutions. XENON's products and technology are designed to tackle the most data intensive and complex visualisation challenges, allowing our clients to focus on breaking new ground in their respective fields.


As scientists, we always are time constrained. Our priority is our research, not managing our clusters. Bright is intuitive to use and, with it, I can effectively manage my cluster without wasting time writing scripts, or synchronizing management tool revisions. Provisioning is fast and easy. I prefer this approach over open-source toolkits.

Dr. Akinori Yamanaka
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Bright’s use of open standards, availability of a rich API, plus ability to support customized HPC configurations, makes for a natural fit in our IaaS platform.

Yang Qiu
BingoCloud Product Manager at BingoSoft