Bright Reseller Network Benelux


Global Partners

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Premier Partners

logo-doitnow-whiteDO IT NOW

Do IT Now is an alliance of 3 companies: Do IT, HPCNow! and UCit. This greatly increases their potential, working together to offer a wide range of solutions and new HPC applications in different areas. Do IT Now has more than 30 years of experience providing HPC solutions in the fields of science and engineering, and they can provide more than 80 high skilled HPC engineers. Do IT, from Italy, HPCNow!, from Spain, and UCit, from France, came together to push the limits of High Performance Computing. Do IT Now offers a deep understanding of the most advanced technologies in HPC, along with high quality customer and user support. The company provides solutions for different IT sectors such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and storage. 

Member Partners

ChipICT®logoChip ICT

Chip ICT B.V. is a Dutch future-oriented IT company with many years of experience. It delivers high quality classic IT solutions, and helps its customers transform their IT into the next era of digital transformation. Chip ICT offers solutions in traditional HPC clusters for scientific research, as well as deep-learning and artificial intelligence. Its customer base consists of top-500 enterprise customers, research institutes, universities, and governmental departments. 


CVIS InternationalCVIS-logo.png

CVIS delivers and supports high performance computing solutions, for organizations within the Benelux region. Together with its ecosystem of HPC partners, CVIS creates intelligent and innovative ICT environments for its customers that empower innovation.