2019 User Survey Breakdown


By Robert Stober | May 24, 2019 | 2019 User Survey



Each year we ask our customers to participate in a survey that helps us understand how they use and benefit from Bright Cluster Manager. We ask them a series of questions about the technologies they use, and how they use Bright in their day-to-day operations. And some of you had some very interesting things to say.

Which features are you using?

Several of the questions on the user survey are designed to help us understand what features of Bright Cluster Manager our customers are utilizing most. We want to invest development resources into the features the industry needs and wants. This is a continual, iterative process that every software company must undertake.

Bright Computing likes to stay engaged with their customers to develop the roadmap – basing new features on actual customer requirements, not just industry hype. We rely on conversations with customers, the annual customer survey, and voluntary reports sent from Bright View—our graphical administration portal.

The Help->Statistics page does not send any data unless the administrator presses the “Send statistics” button, and the data that will be sent can be reviewed before sending using the “View statistics” button. I encourage you to provide this information - or at the very least take a look at the data we are asking for and make an informed decision. The upside is that if you let us know what features you are using; those features are more likely to have development resources allocated to them.

That being said, there was one very interesting question on the survey that asked if it would be acceptable to allow Bright to anonymously collect and report back which features of the product you’re using when you submit a support ticket.

The results show that the answer could be overwhelmingly yes or no, depending on where the maybes fall. If we tell our customers specifically what anonymous telemetry we are sending, and provide the opportunity to opt out, a lot of those maybe answers will likely become yes. Otherwise, many of those maybes will turn into no votes.

Seeing is believing

This year we asked what specific features or capabilities you would like to see added to Bright. Because this was a free text form field, people were free to express themselves. One feature several people asked for was for Bright to provide pre-configured monitoring dashboards for nodes.

And we agree! After all, we do collect metrics, so why not reveal some of the information contained within the data? Keep an eye out for pre-configured dashboards for nodes, and likely other entities, in an upcoming release. On that note, we will also add wizards for triggering actions for metrics and health checks.

Have you heard?

As the original author of most of the Bright online training materials, I have been very pleased with the number (and caliber) of people who have taken the free Bright Cluster Manager training at http://brightcomputing.com/training. After reviewing the survey results, I have learned that only 22% of you have taken advantage of this valuable resource, while 42% of you did not know it existed, and another 36% knew it existed but have not yet used it. This means there are still more of you who could benefit from this free training. I encourage all of you to go through the training courses, as they will only take a few hours, and you can stretch that out over a few days if need be.

We greatly appreciate the time and bandwidth you invested to complete the survey and want you to know that we do value and use this information. Especially appreciated is the thoughtfulness with which many of you answered the free form questions. The product team may reach out to you to more clearly understand your suggestions or requirements. If you want to discuss anything with me, you will find at the Bright booth at ISC 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany from June 17-19, 2019.