A Brighter Future for Artificial Intelligence for Business with HPE and Bright Computing


By Pankaj Goyal, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Strategy/Operations for HPE | August 15, 2018 | deep learning, HPE, AI



This blog post was originally published on the HPE community blog - Servers: The Right Compute.

Ready for AI? Discover our purpose-built integrated hardware and software solution based on Apollo 6500 Gen10 systems with Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science. 

bright_blogSo you’re on board and all in with an AI program. You’ve decided that AI is the future, and you want to embrace it to stay ahead of your competition. Now what? 

Let’s face it. Setting up an AI environment isn’t easy. You’ve got plenty of data to analyze and a team of data scientists ready to go, but they require an environment in which to ply their craft. You need hardware and software that work well together, and a way to quickly adapt to the environment and keep up with the rapidly evolving world of machine learning, deep learning and AI.

That’s why HPE and Bright Computing have joined forces to bring you a purpose-built, integrated hardware and software solution you can put to work in no time.

Whether you’re a data scientist, or an IT pro tasked with setting up the machine learning environment for your organization’s data scientists, you want the same thing: a flexible, powerful system that is easy to get started—and easy to keep running.

HPE/Bright solution snapshot

Our customers shared their struggles with HPE and Bright, so we decided to team up to find a solution. The result is a purpose-built integrated hardware and software solution based on HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 systems combined with Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science. HPE calls the solution Rapid Software Installation for AI, since it helps you develop and deploy your deep learning applications. . . well. . . rapidly.

Addressing your time-to-coding delay challenges

What we heard from our customers is that the time it takes from when they decide to pursue an AI project to the time they can start producing usable code was too long. This time-to-coding delay can be a source of frustration, and it carries a real cost—both in time spent trying to build a development environment and opportunity lost while waiting for the end product to come to market.

The HPE/Bright solution drastically reduces the time-to-coding window and automates the ongoing management of the entire AI infrastructure for data scientists and developers.

brightcomputingWith the HPE Deep Learning Cookbook as its foundation, our solution provides a choice of operating systems (SLES, RHEL, CentOS or Ubuntu), a choice of workload managers, a choice of deep learning frameworks and validated servers (HPE Apollo 6500 and HPE Apollo 2000 including Gen10 platforms, plus HPE ProLiant DL380 servers, each with NVIDIA Tesla P100 or NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs).




How can HPE and Bright Computing help you?

The HPE/Bright solution creates a complete deep learning environment that can be set up in minutes and validates updated frameworks and software services from HPE Pointnext and partners. The Bright management software lets you manage data science clusters as a single entity, provisioning the hardware, operating system, big data components, and deep learning software from a single interface. You get great hardware, great software, and a great management console to keep everything running properly, and your data scientists happy.

Ready to bring AI to your business?

If you’re looking to get your organization started with AI, you may want to take a look at what the HPE and Bright Computing have to offer. We’ve combined our joint expertise to create an AI solution for you that is designed to take the pain out of building and running your AI development environment.

A good place to start: The HPE Deep Learning Cookbook, offering a set of tools to guide your choice of the best hardware/software environment for a given deep learning workload.