"A New Era in HPC" – Bright to Present at Dell’s Virtual HPC Community Meeting


By Grant Gustafson | June 23, 2020 |



For many years, Bright has been a regular participant and contributor to Dell’s HPC Community Meetings, so I was saddened that these physical events – like all other HPC industry events – have been put on hold for the foreseeable future. They present such a great networking opportunity, enabling customers and partners to connect and giving us all a platform to share our vision for the HPC industry. With so many of us mostly home-based, I think we are all missing face-to-face contact with our HPC peers.

Ever-dynamic, Dell has filled the void with an innovative series of virtual events, creating an online format to “keep the HPC community engaged and thriving.”  Expert speakers and presenters have been invited to give biweekly presentations virtually via Zoom throughout the summer. Between these presentations, Dell will be hosting live conversations with some of the most innovative and educated thinkers in HPC.  It sounds like a great format. You can see the full schedule here: https://www.dellhpc.org/online.html.

We are delighted that Bright has been invited to present in the session on July 1, at 10am CST. Martijn de Vries, Bright CTO, will present on "A New Era in HPC", discussing some of the advanced features in Bright Cluster Manager that Bright and Dell EMC have been collaborating on to better serve our customers. These include the ability to dynamically scale a cluster between different types of bare metal and containerized workloads, managing compute in remote locations as a single cluster, launching ML jobs through a workload manager or Kubernetes in JupyterLab, and tighter integration with Isilon.

On July 1, we are pleased to be sharing the session with Bob Crovella of NVIDIA, who will be presenting on “Thought Leadership on the Way to Exascale,”so we very much look forward to hearing this session as well.

You can register for this specific event, here: https://www.dellhpc.org/webinar-july-1-2020.html.

We very much look forward to seeing you at this online event and giving you an insight into our latest developments for the HPC industry. We continue to work on expanding and improving our clustered infrastructure management solutions, empowering our customers to push the boundaries of technology. At Bright, development and innovation don’t stop, so we look forward to giving you an insight on the call on July 1.

I hope you can join us!