A postcard from Ter@tec 2016


By Clemens Engler | July 11, 2016 | HPC, Big Data, HPDA



I’ve been at Bright Computing for just over a year now. I remember very clearly that on my second day in 2015, I travelled to France to attend Ter@tec at the Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau / Paris.

Coming from the world of Cloud and SaaS, Ter@tec was my first dive into the world of High Performance Computing. The last year has been a steep learning curve for me, but it really started with my attendance at Ter@tec 2015.

My early impression of Ter@tec was that it was the “must attend” event for French professionals in the academic, research and enterprise space who understood the value HPC and High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) could bring to their organisations. Not only that, there was also an excellent agenda which included many interesting presentations and workshops that explored important HPC and HPDA themes. I was also impressed with the way Ter@tec brought together the main IT players - hardware, software, consultants, and system integrators. Presentations are mostly delivered in French but for non-native speakers, there is a real-time translation service.

I liked the fact that Ter@tec was recognised from the highest level of the French Ministry of Economics for its strategic importance. It’s reassuring to note that the French government understands the value of HPC (and HPDA) for the future French and European economy. We all rely on competitiveness and innovation in a global environment; and HPC/HPDA is a competitive enabler. Even the manufacturer of children’s car seats relies on simulation (and therefore HPC compute intensive workloads) to prove that their products are compliant to regulations. 

Bright didn’t sponsor Ter@tec in 2015, but we decided that 2016 would be a good time to invest in this prestigious event. 

We were enthusiastic and excited before this year’s show started. Coming from ISC the week before, alongside our first Bright User Group Meet Up in Frankfurt and a number of other events, Ter@tec 2016 was the last event in a very busy 14 days.

Again, we were impressed by the format of the forum and the excellent agenda, bringing together the experts of the industry. And, just like 2015, Ter@tec 2016 lived up to expectations. Not only did we meet and discuss with our partners, we also had interesting discussions with existing and (hopefully) future customers. We also took part in a workshop where Bright’s Panos Labropoulos gave a presentation on “Distributed Data Processing Using Spark in Radio Astronomy.” to demonstrate how Bright’s Big Data technologies could be used in a scientific research environment.

Ter@tec is obviously much smaller than ISC, but I like the format and focus of the event. We should not forget it is mostly related to the French market; a market where I believe we - as Bright - are just beginning to focus our attention. We have a product which helps the HPC centres and datacentres to do more with their existing infrastructure, and customers are now really starting to discover the full potential. Everyone following our blog should know we talk about the Dynamic Datacentre and the way Bright’s technologies can add value during this transformation. The convergence of HPC and Big Data (and the related cultural and expertise aspects) was a big topic at Ter@tec in 2015, and 2016 was no exception. Bright has a solution to help customers to succeed in this direction.

With this experience in mind, we are now applying for a membership to the Ter@tec association as we would like to play a more significant role in their ecosystem. So watch this space - there is more to come from Bright and Ter@tec!

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