A Review of OpenStack Days Nordic 


By Piotr Wachowicz | October 20, 2017 | OpenStack



We’ve just returned from OpenStack Days Nordic, a two-day conference in Copenhagen. As was to be expected, it was a worthwhile event.The keynotes, especially, did not disappoint.

Linux has won the battle for the Operating System for servers. There's no doubt about that. The keynotes built on top of that premise, and extended it from servers to the scope of data centers. As stressed during the talks, the success of Unix came not from the tools it came with, but rather from the fact that you could combine those tools in so many novel and useful ways.

This is very similar to OpenStack. OpenStack is an "Infrastructure for Ideas". Ideas, which can be materialized using creative combinations of various OpenStack projects.

As we all know, OpenStack is huge, and has many different components. Some of those components are serving seemingly similar functions (e.g. both Nova and Cinder can provide block storage to VMs, albeit in completely different ways). It’s thus important to remember that different applications and use cases are best addressed via different combinations of those various OpenStack components.

However, this might be overwhelming to newcomers to OpenStack. Where should they start? To address this, the keynotes in Copenhagen communicated that the OpenStack Foundation is hard at work making it easier for the people deploying OpenStack to determine which components they should be using. By doing so, the Foundations wants to speed up the already rapid adoption of OpenStack, as the standard open infrastructure for data centers.

Even if some people might still have some doubt as to whether or not OpenStack is earmarked for becoming the de-facto open standard in this field, it is pretty clear that the OpenStack community has no doubts here. In fact many, including us here at Bright, are convinced that this process is already way under way!

Overall, OpenStack Days Nordic was a superb and well organized event. We were grateful to be given the opportunity to present to such a dynamic group of attendees, and I think the topic "Ceph OSD Hardware - A Pragmatic Guide" was well received. We are looking forward to next year's event, and to OpenStack for further stimulating the healthy competition in the cloud market!