A Single GUI for HPC Cluster Management


By Bright Staff | January 15, 2015 | HPC cluster management, GUI



A Single GUI for HPC Cluster Management

The advantage of having a single GUI for all your cluster management resources, including monitoring, automation, MPI libraries, and more, is substantial. A single GUI utilizes software that synchronizes all aspects of a company’s cluster management, which, as a result, becomes much easier and effective to control without costing extra in terms of user training or system down time.

Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) are one of the most important aspects of using High Performance Computing (HPC). Linux and most other Cluster Manager software use textual interfaces, which can be overwhelming, time consuming, and can cause major problems when training new employees. Because of the issues with text editors, many systems incorporate a GUI to shorten learning time, make large cluster management easier, and present a more intuitive interface to the average computer user. Single GUI for HPC Cluster Management

Using GUIs provides flexibility, but can there be too much of a good thing? A GUI is designed to be intuitive but each graphical interface will have different layouts, different interactions with the underlying programming languages, and a different functional feel. Each GUI requires training and practice to learn, and time to adjust to the differences. Also, each aspect of your cluster management, if using a different GUI, will have to be integrated with other parts of your HPC management. 

Bright Cluster Manager uses a single GUI interface across all aspects of HPC clusters. One GUI operates multiple Linux distributions, multiple cluster sizes, nodes, and so much more. This gives companies the ability to automate easily, to train effectively, and to delegate tasks more efficiently.

Significant long-term advantages of a single GUI for HPC Cluster Management might not seem initially apparent. A GUI might not seem that important on the surface, but a system that integrates multiple programs and all the different processes of Cluster Management will gain considerable cost savings associated with program integration, as well as training and usage.

If your company needs to streamline its HPC management, or you just want to learn more, please feel free to contact us and discover how our solutions can meet your needs.

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