Achieving Competitive Advantage in the Cloud with Bright Cluster Manager


By Bright Staff | August 24, 2021 | Bright Cluster Manager



This week, Bright featured an article in InsideHPC which highlights how Bright users can achieve real competitive advantage in the cloud using Bright Cluster Manager. As traditional mindsets towards high-performance computing (HPC) increasingly give way to cloud-based approaches, organizations are seizing the advantages of time and reduced capital outlays compared to traditional on-premise approaches. ”Cloud continues to be a top priority for companies that are seeking ways to accelerate HPC projects or quickly extend the capacity and capabilities of their on-premise systems” says Bill Wagner, CEO of Bright Computing. According to Intersect360 Research, in 2020, cloud computing experienced 78.8% growth, on top of an underlying double-digit growth rate, as organizations turned to cloud computing to cope with accelerated projects and deferred acquisitions. Leveraging HPC in the cloud has important business applications for companies trying to get into HPC and haven’t yet decided, or can’t afford, to deploy an HPC cluster. Cloud technology means that companies can now adapt and scale more easily to accelerate innovation, drive business agility, streamline operations, and potentially reduce costs.

A current Bright biotech customer that provides specialized analysis of patient diseases for localized treatments and targeted therapies chose Bright to help them implement their HPC in the cloud strategy. The intense competition in life sciences makes reduced time-to-market a competitive advantage, but scalability and cost are also important considerations. The customer determined that the cloud would present them with an opportunity to leverage scalable compute at a fraction of the cost over hosting those same resources on-prem. Cloud-based resources would give them the ability to get started on critical research right away without waiting for hardware to be procured, racked and stacked. Bright Cluster Manager’s ability to provision and manage clusters-as-a-service from AWS, coupled with Bright’s auto-scaling capability and detailed workload accounting and reporting features provided this customer with a fully-automated approach to high-performance cloud infrastructure that eliminates complexity and provides future flexibility.

The client quickly set up a 48 node virtual cluster running in AWS using Bright Cluster Manager to provide full provisioning, scheduling, monitoring, and management capabilities for the cluster. Using Bright’s Auto-Scaler feature with dynamic licensing from the AWS Marketplace, the client was then able to scale-up the number of nodes as necessary to run a particular workload without any administrator intervention within just a few minutes, paying only for the additional cloud resources when needed. The final piece of the puzzle was implementing Bright’s Workload Accounting and Reporting (WAR) feature, which provides detailed insight on cluster resource usage related to end user jobs to prevent waste and help optimize resource usage.

In this example, Bright Computing has provided a proven method for companies on the outside of HPC looking in to affordably leverage cloud resources and achieve tangible competitive advantage. This company in Life Sciences has been able to provision additional compute capacity on the fly as needed while keeping their costs much lower than maintaining a cluster in their data center, enabling them to compete effectively with much larger competitors.

We have created a step by step guide that will show you how to set up a similar environment to the one showcased above. Visit and learn how you can take advantage of HPC in the cloud to gain a competitive advantage. Please visit us at our website for more resources or, you can also reach out to us directly at

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