Advanced Scale Forum Highlights


Buy your way out of the problem, because it’s not simple

By Dan Kuczkowski | May 16, 2019 | Bright Cluster Manager, Advanced HPC



Last month, Bright had the opportunity to attend the Advanced Scale Forum as a bronze sponsor. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, the Advanced Scale Forum takes a broad look at the current state of the industry, discussing the modern challenges facing enterprise users as they leverage high-performance computing (HPC) to build and scale advanced computing solutions such as AI, Cloud, Containers, Data Analytics and so much more.

During the conference, Bright participated in an HPC Panel discussion alongside Dell EMC, AMD, and ScaleMatrix where we discussed a variety of use cases that are driving the adoption of HPC in the enterprise. Throughout the discussion, there was a consensus among the panelists that HPC is fast becoming a mainstream solution for advanced compute and that enterprise computing is now driving the lion’s share of growth in HPC. While companies large and small are beginning to understand the benefits HPC offers for AI, big data, machine learning, and IOT, these companies still find themselves looking for solutions that democratize access to HPC. There are still questions about how best to optimize resource utilization, energy consumption, data center density, data storage, and workload automation. Naturally leading to the question of should enterprise users buy these solutions, or build their own?

This panel provided an excellent platform for Bright to reinforce that our enterprise-ready solutions offer a cost-effective and flexible means to deploy and manage HPC and AI Linux cluster resources seamlessly, optimizing resource automation for end-users. Ryan Quick, Principal and Co-Founder of Providentia Worldwide and formerly with PayPal, chaired another panel discussion where the same questions of buy vs. build were brought up. His response? Simple and to the point: “I will advise everybody: don’t try and do it yourself. If your core competency does not have something to do with the things we were talking about up here today, buy your way out of the problem, because it’s not simple.” He continued, “…Bright Software, for example, has a very strong commercial offering in this space…”, which was a powerful statement from a well-known industry consultant and systems integrator.

We engaged in dozens of great discussions throughout the event with existing customers, as well as with companies that were unaware of Bright. One customer commented that in their IT department, they recognize the value that Bright delivers to them, saying “Bright is viewed as an extension of our administrators.” For others new to Bright, it was a common theme: they were excited to learn of an enterprise-grade solution that truly simplifies the administration and  enhances the agility of complex clustered environments at the edge, the core, and the cloud. The best part? They didn’t just hear it from us, but also from industry experts during the keynotes and panel discussions, as well as Bright customers that rely on our technology every day to run their complex environments.

This year, the Advanced Scale Forum opened a variety of discussions around how end users will tap into HPC and what their implementation journeys will look like. Our panel, along with the other panels and keynotes highlighted effective strategies, addressed key challenges, and offered up qualified solutions to the many questions surrounding the widespread adoption of HPC in the enterprise. Here at Bright, we are proud to be a part of the answer that is elevating HPC as a mainstream solution for enterprise users everywhere.