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Hadoop: The Other Elephant in the Room

By Brady Black | November 09, 2014

It's big. it's powerful. It's complicated. Apache Hadoop creates a huge opportunity, but that cuts both ways. Aside from the great potential to store, access and leverage immense amounts of data, the security of any of these operations has been, and continues to be, questioned.

Security was not a priority in the development of the architecture, almost by definition, as the limits of the platform are purposefully undefined. As individual security measures were patched into place on an as-needed basis, overall security confirmation has changed from very difficult to almost impossible.

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Cluster Manager Advice for Sysadmins: Software Monitoring Means Better Cluster Management

By Brady Black | September 02, 2014

Our two previous blogs on advice to sysadmins were mostly about HPC systems hardware monitoring. In case you missed them you can get caught up by reading part 1 and part 2.  If cluster management can be likened to a four-legged stool, the first three legs would be your node processors, memory, and network monitoring. At some point, however, sysadmins need to pay close attention to the fourth leg — software monitoring.

HPC systems guru Jeff Layton writes in

“As a starting point, two primary things you should be monitoring are the resource manager (job scheduler) and the tools (software packages/versions) clients are using.”

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