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HPC on LinkedIn: A Guide to the Best Groups

By Christine Wong | April 15, 2015

It really is a small world after all, at least when it comes to the HPC community on social media.

As we noted in a previous post, high performance computing (HPC) commentary is still fairly nascent on Twitter. The same is true on LinkedIn. Still, there are approximately 200 LinkedIn groups dedicated to HPC and supercomputing right now. Finding the ones that matter isn't easy, but social media is not something anyone in the HPC community can afford to ignore.linkedinlogo

With that in mind, we’ve looked through LinkedIn to come up with some of the best. Speaking of the term ‘best,’ here are some points to keep in mind when reading our list:

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The Biggest Takeaways from the Strata+Hadoop Summit

By Christine Wong | March 28, 2015

When it comes to public speaking, the president of the United States is a tough act to follow.

D.J. Patil found himself in that daunting position at the recent Strata+Hadoop Summit in San Jose, Calif. Patil is the freshly appointed (and first ever) chief data scientist for the White House. He had to give a keynote at the event right after his new boss, President Barack Obama, introduced him via a recorded video message. What speaker wouldn’t feel pressure to hold an audience’s attention after that?

At Bright Computing, we thought Patil was able to hold his own at the podium and we’ve curated some of the highlights from his speech, and other conference sessions of interest, just for our readers.

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The Top 10 HPC Accounts To Follow On Twitter

By Christine Wong | February 18, 2015

The Top 10 HPC Accounts To Follow On Twitter

By Christine Wong


High Performance Computing (HPC) may not yet enjoy as high a profile on social media as some other areas of technology, like smartphones and apps, but the growing body of experts on Twitter may help change that.

Social media services often do two things exceptionally well: build new communities and strengthen existing ones, no matter how small or outside the noisier mainstream they happen to be. This list is here to help the HPC community on both counts.


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