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It all started in Tokyo - Bright's growing business in Asia

By Lee Carter | March 26, 2019

Having just returned to my home base in the UK after attending the 2nd running of Supercomputing Asia, where I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with many of Bright’s customers and partners attending the show, I started thinking about how our business got started in the Region.   

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CHPC – Did Bright Deliver on its Promise?

By Lee Carter | July 06, 2017

CHPC has been a Bright customer since 2015. We first wrote about CHPC shortly after the South Africa-based research organization had chosen Bright Cluster Manager to manage the infrastructure of its supercomputer facility, and since that time, our two companies have built a strong and dynamic relationship.

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Bright, Dell and NVIDIA Delve into Deep Learning

By Lee Carter | July 03, 2017

With Deep Learning experiencing unprecedented momentum in the HPC market, I find it exciting that Bright’s development team is focusing in on this area, and is involved in cutting edge Deep Learning innovation.

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SGI and Bright Showcase their Collaboration at the Met Office, at UK HPC event

By Lee Carter | February 02, 2017

I had the pleasure of attending the UK HPC & Big Data event, organised by GovNet, yesterday in London.

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Bright Gets Cool

By Lee Carter | August 18, 2016

There were many fruitful conversations with partners, customers and prospects at ISC and Ter@tec during June; both were excellent networking events.

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Giving French Customers a More Resilient Platform that Scales

By Lee Carter | June 28, 2016

EURO/CFD provides industrial corporations with an option to outsource numerical studies. As a result, the requirement for EURO/CFD to have a cutting edge HPC infrastructure is paramount.

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How to Achieve Elastic High Performance Computing in the Cloud: A Case Study

By Lee Carter | April 11, 2016

When your HPC hardware is getting old and starts to fail, and when your team begins to have trouble replacing hard drives, and when costly problems start to arise with your power units; what do you do?

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The Rise of the Dynamic Datacenter

By Lee Carter | March 09, 2016

It’s an interesting time for the datacenter. With the rise of big data and the growing importance of business analytics, the desire to increase cost efficiency and leverage new technologies like OpenStack, and the need for more compute power, the datacenter is back in the spotlight.

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Dell’s Tony Parkinson Says “The Future is Bright!”

By Lee Carter | December 14, 2015

In this video, Tony Parkinson, VP Enterprise Solutions & Alliances at Dell talks about the partnership between Bright Computing and Dell.

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BioMed X: Crowdsourcing for Biomedical Innovation

By Lee Carter | November 10, 2015

When BioMed X set about building a high performance supercomputer in 2014, the decision for the cluster structure and management solution was driven by the need for the cluster to interoperate with a range of different applications. There was also a requirement for the cluster to be expandable, robust, and easy to manage.

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