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Containers & HPC

By Ray Burgemeestre | August 08, 2019

The benefits of containerization are pretty clear these days: achieving process isolation, avoiding dependency hell, and having the same environment locally as in production. This blog post gives an overview of some of the containerization solutions available today.

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Dark Data, BigQuery, and Ransomware!

By Ray Burgemeestre | September 26, 2016

Dark Data, BigQuery, Ransomware and Pie Charts are some of the terms that were discussed at the BigDataExpo 2016 conference I attended last week. This is a free conference held at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht conference center near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which drew a few thousand visitors who came to see presentations delivered in English, Dutch or even both sometimes! As the event’s tagline -- "Develop your Big Data strategy" -- suggests, the conference was targeted more towards business people and less towards developers.

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My Two Key Takeaways from Hadoop Summit 2016: Security & Storage versus Compute

By Ray Burgemeestre | April 27, 2016

 The podcast from Roaring Elephant summarized the theme for the 2016 Hadoop Summit as a "Continuation of the Journey," and the importance of partnering up. The message that; "You are not alone in this," was emphasized a few times in different keynotes. I also felt like the speakers tried to coin the theme "It's all about the apps," but as this was my first Summit, I’m uncertain as to whether this was new to 2016 or not.

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