BEACON – The online community for Bright users


By Bill Harries | November 29, 2019 | SC19, BEACON, Easy8



Bright Computing recently announced the launch of BEACON - the online community for Bright users.  Yeah, I know….it’s about time.  Considering that Bright has an extensive user community in a space that lends itself nicely to collaboration with your peers, and a breadth of users eager to share what they know; it makes sense to have a community forum for the benefit of all.

Although Bright is sponsoring this community and making it available to anyone interested in knowing more about how to deploy large scale clusters, we expect our community of users will drive the success and adoption of this forum.  We’ve posted our knowledge base articles to BEACON, we’ve added links to training and other instructional videos, links to podcasts and much more.  It’s not our intent to monitor and manage this forum, but we will, from time to time, respond to queries or comment on discussions where it’s warranted.  That said, we expect the hands-on experience and advice our users can provide each other will have the greatest value.

Admittedly, Bright will get great benefit from this forum…not just by our users helping other users succeed with their deployments, but it will provide insights to us about how we can improve the product, enhance our documentation, bring out new training materials, etc.

To join the community, simply go to, and create a customer account.  With your login credentials, you will be able to access BEACON and join other Bright users in sharing the wealth of information accumulated over 10 years and thousands of deployments worldwide.

About the name…just as lighthouses shine a beacon to guide ships safely to the harbor, we hope Bright’s BEACON will enable our customers to help guide others to a better experience with clustered computing while shielding them from the underlying intricacies of deploying and managing clustered computing of hundreds or thousands of servers.