Beyond Robots - Three Uses of Deep Learning


By Lionel Gibbons | August 02, 2018 | deep learning



deep-learning-retailThe use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business is becoming more popular by the day. A subset of artificial intelligence, deep learning, is known more for controlling autonomous vehicles and facial recognition technology than some more practical applications. While most of us can see the benefits of deep learning, we may not appreciate the wide variety of use cases that it can offer. Here are three applications to spark your interesting in using deep learning in news ways for your business.

Retail Management

The number of people who have started internet-based retail businesses is almost impossible to quantify. Millions of transactions are executed everyday and each transaction adds to the set of data that can be used to guide business decisions. With all of that data to distill, deep learning has almost limitless uses in retail management. Retailers can use deep learning to help them time discounts, product releases, and offer a tailored sales experience like Amazon. Offering a personal experience drives repeat customers and a better bottom-line.

Computer Security

The application of deep learning in cyber-security is not surprising. The execution of the algorithm itself, however, may be a little unclear if you are new to machine learning. Like retail management, data from past spoofs, phishing campaigns, and other attacks are fed to the deep learning model which quickly learns to recognize and repel attacks. Most importantly, the algorithms are adaptive and update continuously as the data changes. The adaptive nature of machine learning is what makes it so useful in a fast-paced environment like security.

Medical Applications

Recently, deep learning has found use in detecting early stage cancers. Already in use for interpretation of visual images, machine learning was used in Japan to accurately detect nascent stomach cancer. Researchers used images of cancerous and non-cancerous stomach tissue as the data-feed for the algorithm, which made a diagnosis in milliseconds. The computers accurately diagnosed healthy tissue 90 percent of the time and cancer 80 percent of the time, making it as accurate as human medical doctors.

Clearly, the uses of deep learning are nearly infinite. Like all technology, it continues to evolve with each new application. At Bright Computing, we help deploy and maintain deep learning algorithms for clients everyday. Let us make machine learning accessible to you and your business today.