8 Best HPC Blogs To Follow


By Lionel Gibbons | May 20, 2016 | HPC, HPC Cluster



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With the advent of blogs and social media, it's never been easier to keep up with the world of HPC.  In fact, there are so many sources, it can be hard to figure out which ones to pay attention to. To help you out, I polled my colleagues and compiled a list of the best HPC blogs we follow ourselves.

  1. HPCwire (hpcwire.com) — while not strictly a blog, HPCwire is a great source of short articles covering HPC news and opinion pieces written by their professional journalists. A handy feature is their independent RSS feeds that let you keep abreast of specific topics.
  2. InsideHPC (insidehpc.com) — is another reliable source of HPC industry news. While they cover many of the same stories as HPCwire, insideHPC always brings a different perspective.
  3. The Next Platform (nextplatform.com) — Launched in early 2015, the Next Platform has a veteran editorial staff that knows the business inside and out. They focus on user-specific stories across multiple verticals.
  4. The Register HPC (theregister.co.uk/data_centre/hpc/)  — Brings HPC news & opinions from around the world. Their card-like interface makes it easy to scan for stories that interest you.
  5. Cray Computing Blog (blog.cray.com) — Cray has been an important name in supercomputing since — well, since forever — and their blog reflects that heritage. You’ll find long, thoughtful posts on a range of supercomputing topics there.
  6. High Performance Computing at Dell (hpcatdell.com) — Dell plays a big role in today’s HPC market, with Dell servers bearing the load for many a compute cluster. Their blog tends to be news-oriented, but it also contains a number of good thought leadership pieces too.
  7. Scientific Computing World (scientific-computing.com) — This one is a great source of news for HPC users. It features news and analysis on all sorts of HPC-related topics, and makes for a good read.  
  8. This Week in HPC (intersect360.com/industry/podcasts) — To be fair, this one isn't a blog in the traditional sense.   It's actually a Podcast, and I think of it as sort of "audio blog." each week, Addison Snell and Michael Feldman sits down at the mic to discuss the week's top HPC stories. Great for catching up on HPC news while on the go. 

There you have it. That’s our list of go-to blogs about HPC. How does it line up with yours? Did I miss any good ones? Are there some on our list you think don’t deserve to be there? Leave a comment and let me know.

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