Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science Now Available at No Charge with Easy8


By Bright Staff | February 28, 2020 |



Earlier this week, Bright announced that Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science is now available at no charge as part of the Easy8 program. Easy8 was launched in November of 2019 and is designed to put Bright’s award-winning cluster management software in the hands of every organization working with high-performance Linux clusters.

Easy8 offers the full-featured Bright Cluster Manager software free for up to 8 nodes and now includes Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science. With Easy8, our goal is to give every organization the ability to use our software to demonstrate how powerful Bright Cluster Manager Software is. With the inclusion of Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science in the Easy8 program, we are giving organizations the ability to quickly deploy cluster-based machine learning environments for data scientists and researchers that can be easily maintained and scaled out.

Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science provides the computing infrastructure and pre-packaged tools needed to accelerate data science projects and make them production ready. This add-on introduces a wealth of data science features including:

  • Modern Deep Learning Environment – Provides everything needed to quickly spin up a complete machine learning environment for data scientists that is cluster-ready and easy to manage
  • Choice of Machine Learning Libraries and Frameworks – Includes the most popular machine learning libraries and frameworks such as NVIDIA cuDNN, CUB, CUDA, TensorRT, Dynet, Fastai, JupyterHub, NCCL2, MXNet, pyTorch, and more.
  • Scale-out JupyterHUB – JupyterHub makes data science easy to use and Bright provides custom JupyterHub spawners that allow notebooks to be scheduled through the HPC scheduler or Kubernetes.
  • Support for NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) – Makes it easy to use NVIDIA NGC deep learning containers in so many ways―run them in containers, through a batch scheduler, on physical nodes, or in a cloud.

The stage is set for high-performance Linux clusters to become the cornerstone of corporate data centers well beyond their origins for modeling and simulation applications in the high-performance computing market.

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