Bright Computing Joins the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software Program


By Bright Staff | October 05, 2020 |



We are honored to join NVIDIA’s DGX-Ready Software program. This program delivers proven enterprise-grade solutions that increase data science productivity, accelerate AI workflows, and improve deployment, accessibility, and utilization of AI infrastructure. Purpose-built for AI, NVIDIA DGX systems can be managed in clusters by Bright Cluster Manager, the smart choice for a wide variety of use cases.

Bright Cluster Manager eliminates the complexity of installing, managing, and using high-performance Linux clusters—making them more capable and flexible without compromising performance. With easy-to-use Bright Cluster Manager, administrators don’t need to be cluster experts. Backed by more than a decade of development—with customer feedback integrated into the product—Bright Cluster Manager embodies the maturity and best practices that can only be gained through real-world use.

With a single-pane-of-glass interface for a cluster’s DGX hardware, operating systems, software, Kubernetes, networking, users and more, Bright Cluster Manager provides these benefits:

  • Deploys easily—Automatically installs server images, Kubernetes, HPC workload managers, machine learning packages & libraries, Spark, and more on the chosen Linux distribution
  • Installs on bare metal—With nothing to pre-install, enables administrators to quickly build a cluster from bare metal servers or VMs
  • Provides comprehensive monitoring—Monitors, visualizes, and analyzes a comprehensive set of hardware, software, job- and user-based metrics, and workload accounting and reporting
  • Includes two powerful user interfaces—Provisions, monitors, and manages clusters via a traditional command line interface or with the web-based graphical user interface called Bright View
  • Integrates hardware management—Leverages powerful NVIDIA GPU management and monitoring capabilities to provide maximum control of an HPC cluster

Knowing that AI and DL are strategic to the future of nearly all businesses, companies want to proactively build AI infrastructure that can accelerate development and speed time to value. Many options exist today, but one that delivers the full potential of AI and DL, with the least complexity and the most seamless control, is NVIDIA DGX systems with Bright Cluster Manager.

NVIDIA DGX systems managed by Bright Cluster Manager deliver the perfect balance of increased concurrency for handling data science workloads, the massive compute requirements associated with those workloads, and the seamless management of all resources across the cluster. With the Bright solution—certified as part of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program to run on DGX systems—users benefit from:

  • Purpose-built systems to meet the demands of enterprise AI and data science
  • Solid scale-out architecture for handling data-/compute- intensive workloads
  • Easy cluster setup and provisioning to enable a fast start in AI development, effortless productivity, and revolutionary performance
  • End-to-end cluster monitoring, health checking, and automated updates
  • Automated deployment and configuration of Kubernetes, HPC workload managers, machine learning/deep learning frameworks and libraries, and NGC containers
  • Ability to run all the above HPC workloads on the same DGX cluster

Organizations around the world are familiar with Bright Cluster Manager, trusted for more than a decade to deliver complete and seamless cluster management. NVIDIA DGX is the industry-leading AI system, purpose-built for the unique demands of the enterprise. Working in concert, Bright Cluster Manager and NVIDIA DGX systems deliver an AI infrastructure platform designed to support a wide variety of IT demands—today and over the long term.

We are thrilled to be part of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program and are excited to see what the future holds for this new partnership. Be sure to catch Bright next week at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) and learn more about the many ways Bright Computing and NVIDIA are simplifying AI compute for users everywhere.

To learn more about what Bright brings to the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software Program, download our white paper.