Bright Demo and Tutorial Videos


By Bill Harries | July 16, 2019 | Bright Cluster Manager, Demo Videos, Bright View



Have you ever said to yourself – “I sure wish Bright Computing would create some videos or tutorials that show how to...”. I thought so… wish no more. Bright is in the process of building out a number of demos and tutorials that show users how to do all sorts of administrative and management tasks. In many cases, we show ways to do things in both the Bright View graphical cluster management interface as well as our cluster management shell (aka CMSH). The current list of videos includes:

You can also take advantage of our interactive demo here. This demo simulates the experience of managing a cluster using Bright View without having to rack and stack servers first.  Did the demo videos leave you eager to see more? Be sure to contact us to discuss your next project with one of our experts and don’t forget to check back on our demo page periodically as we are adding more content all the time.