Bright Discovery - Building Dynamic Partnerships


By David Dean | July 30, 2019 | HPC, Bright Cluster Manager, AI, Reseller Community



Bright has been working collaboratively with one of our valued US Technology Consulting partners based out of the northeast, for a number of years, so it was a real privilege to be invited to give a presentation at their annual Sales Kick-Off, last week. Together, Bright and our consulting partner offer advanced infrastructure management solutions to organizations across North America who are looking to harness the power of their HPC, deep learning, AI, and OpenStack.

The Sales Kick-Off would prove to be an excellent opportunity to share Bright’s latest technological developments with our consulting partner’s sales and presales teams. First, I gave a general overview and update of Bright Cluster Manager for HPC, which was largely for the sales team. This was followed by a deeper-dive technical presentation, which was an interactive session with some great questions from the floor.

A notable topic of discussion was about using the public cloud with HPC and how the high utilization rates of typical HPC jobs can make the cost of using the cloud prohibitive. I have heard - on more than one occasion - that C-level executives have made the decision to move everything to the cloud only to reverse that decision after seeing the first bill for cloud usage.

Another interactive discussion point centered around increasing customer requests for Workload Accounting and Reporting (WAR) in the user portal, which enables users to see their utilization. I was able to show the latest features in Bright Cluster Manager 8.2 that specifically address this requirement for WAR.

These sessions with our valued partners often uncover some exciting feature requests, and this session with our consulting partner did not let me down, suggesting an interesting concept of creating a credit score for the cluster based on health checks. This would be for execs who are monitoring the clusters state. The score would be based on the failures and would provide a list of total failures. Another related suggestion was to track historical failure data, i.e., track which nodes fail the most.

The topic of Bright Edge generated an excellent discussion. Our consulting partner’s team sees Bright Edge as a great opportunity for the higher education sector. In many universities, clusters are owned by multiple departments and thus need to be managed differently. They may not be on the “edge,” but the concept of Bright Edge is to allow central control of several clusters, which would solve this problem.

In summary, a big thank you to our consulting partner for including Bright in their Sales Kick-Off. This is clearly a dynamic team that cares about their customers and are motivated to providing leading-edge solutions. And they are generous with the donuts!

If you are a Bright Reseller and would like Bright to give a presentation at one of your events, please get in touch.