Bright Easy8 - Sometimes there is a “free lunch”


By Bill Wagner | November 20, 2019 | Easy8



On November 19th at the Supercomputing Conference in Denver, Bright Computing announced a free version of Bright Cluster Manager software for clusters up to 8 nodes, which we’re referring to as “Easy8”.  This is the same award-winning, full-featured Bright product in use by thousands of organizations, with free support provided by Bright’s newly launched “BEACON” user community. 

We chose this moment in time to launch Easy8 for several reasons:

  • Clusters are Increasingly Pervasive: High-performance Linux clusters are quickly finding their way into organizations that don’t have experience building and managing them, driven by machine learning, data analytics, private clouds and edge computing.
  • Clusters are Increasingly Complex: Linux clusters are becoming more and more complex with the addition of different types of accelerators (GPUs, IPUs, FPGAs), the need to support traditional and containerized workloads, and a desire to extend clusters to public clouds for additional resources. 
  • Dwindling Expertise: Cluster-experienced staff that grew up in the HPC space are dwindling, making it more difficult and risky for organizations to take a home-grown approach to cluster management.
  • High Cost of Sustained Cloud Use: Organizations that have done the math understand that the economics of public clouds fail for systems operating at high sustained use, but they also understand the strategic and economic advantage of extending their on-premise clusters to public clouds selectively for periodic use.
  • Graduation Day for A.I. is nearing: While it’s still early days for machine learning, we believe that POCs and early trials in enterprises will begin translating to full-scale production in 2020, necessitating scalable and manageable infrastructure to support it.

Perhaps above all of this is the fact that urgency to deploy high-performance clusters to quickly reap the competitive advantages they can afford has never been greater.  In the mounting arms race for A.I. and digital supremacy, the old business adage of “time is money” is being replaced with “time is life or death” for businesses.  The notion of taking the time and effort to cobble together scripts and disparate open source tools into a fragile cluster management system that adds no strategic value to your business is a dated and dangerous mindset in today’s world.

By making Bright Cluster Manager available to every organization on the planet free of charge for up to 8 nodes, we’re giving everyone the opportunity to use it and see for themselves what it can do for their business.  And while clusters of 8 or fewer nodes will be more than enough for many organizations today (e.g., imagine what a cluster of 8 NVIDIA DGX servers is capable of), we believe that organizations will want to use Bright Cluster Manager for larger clusters as their needs increase.

For more details about the program, visit us here

Lunch is served, give it a try.