Bright for DGX Clusters


By Bill Wagner | April 30, 2019 | Bright Cluster Manager, DGX Servers



At the 2019 GPU Technology Conference in March, NVIDIA Founder & CEO Jensen Huang positioned NVIDIA DGX servers at the intersection of scale-up and scale-out architectures, sitting squarely in the sweet spot of data science driven by the combination of increased concurrency of data science workloads and the massive compute requirements associated with those workloads.  As a standalone server, the DGX delivers a solid scale-up architecture for data/compute-intensive workloads, and NVIDIA’s announced acquisition of Mellanox with its high-speed interconnects will only enhance that position and help enable a new realm of scale-out architectures as well. 

In response to demand from customers, I’m happy to announce that Bright has certified the use of DGX servers in Bright-managed clusters, making it faster and easier for organizations to realize the massive potential that a cluster of DGX servers can unlock.  

Bright-managed DGX clusters benefit from all of the functionality in Bright Cluster Manager, from setup and provisioning to monitoring, health checking and automated updates.  In addition, Bright deploys and configures HPC workload managers, Kubernetes, machine learning/deep learning frameworks and libraries, and NGC containers on the DGX … all of which can be run on the same cluster.

The DGX represented a new milestone in the high-performance server landscape when it made its debut three years ago, and we at Bright are excited to see what new milestones can be achieved with clusters of DGX servers that are easy to build and manage courtesy of Bright Cluster Manager.