Bright Joins Dell for “A Spirited Conversation about HPC and Cloud Computing"


By Bright Staff | February 19, 2021 |



We are excited to announce that Bright Computing has been invited to participate in the next Dell Technologies HPC Community Event:

The Dell HPC and AI leadership team, which comprises Caitlin Gordon, VP of Product Management for Integrated Solutions, Pete Manca, SVP, Integrated Solutions, and Ihab Tarazi, SVP, Chief Technology Officer will lead discussions. 

They will be joined by three industry experts, including Brights CTO, Martijn de Vries, Tim Carroll, Director of HPC & AI for Research at Microsoft, and Bill Magro, Chief Technologist for High Performance Computing at Google.

​Event Synopsis:

HPC has historically been dominated by bare-metal, on-premise solutions; primarily proprietary hardware and software until the 2000s, then largely commodity technology hardware and open-source software for two decades. However, the last decade has seen the emergence and dominance of cloud computing, also powered largely by commodity technologies and some open-source software, for many IT areas and workloads, with HPC becoming a rapidly growing workload in the last 5 years. 

In this discussion, the panelists will discuss what the future holds for on-premise solutions, cloud HPC services, and hybrid cloud HPC. They will look at the future for vertical industries, workloads, and customers. They will also debate the tech (and other) trends that are influencing these directions. 

According to the Dell organizers, this will be a spirited conversation between friends, about the future of on-prem, cloud, and hybrid HPC solutions.

We certainly look forward to it! 

Register here: