Bright Joins Dell to Present on Bright Cluster Manager: Beyond Provisioning, Beyond Data Centers


Robert Stober, Director of Product Management at Bright Computing, will present at the next Dell Technologies HPC Community Event

By Bright Staff | June 14, 2021 |



We are excited to announce that Bright Computing has been invited to participate in the next Dell Technologies HPC Community Event:

In this presentation, you will learn how Bright can seamlessly incorporate multiple data centers, cloud resources, and edge locations into one easily managed cluster, how Bright's Auto Scaler can make that infrastructure flexible and dynamic; automatically adapting to changes in workload demand, and how Bright helps you account for the resource usage.

​Event Synopsis:

The breadth of HPC workloads is increasing, with new data analytics and AI applications adding to--and sometimes combining with--the traditional parallel simulation and high throughput computing workloads. Driven by increased instrumentation and data collection from the desire to monitor, automate, and even make autonomous infrastructure and vehicles, the locations for HPC are also expanding: from data centers into clouds and out to edges. HPC in the 2020s goes beyond the operational and workloads models and mindsets we've had for years. It will enable entirely new classes of applications and new modes of innovation in the years ahead.

Bright Computing is in a unique position to help customers achieve their digital transformation goals, including integrating cloud and edge computing. Bright Cluster Manager is the only cloud-agnostic, platform-independent, commercially supported, enterprise-grade software for building and managing distributed clusters for AI and Edge-to-Core-to-Cloud high-performance computing. Bright continues to build on its reputation of providing world-class support. With a continuous stream of new functionality, we ensure that our software is always one step ahead of where our customers are going.

We hope to see you there!

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