Bright Joins Intel for a "Conversation in the Cloud"


By Bright Staff | August 22, 2019 |



We’re pleased to share news that a recent interview with Bright Computing is now featured on Intel’s podcast series, Conversations in the Cloud.

Lee Carter, Vice President Global Alliances at Bright, joined Jake Smith for a discussion about Bright Cluster Manager, and how our clustered infrastructure management tools help customers reduce complexity, understand their cluster, and manage servers as a single resource.

Through the Bright / Intel partnership, Bright Cluster Manager’s powerful yet simple interface makes it easier than ever for system vendors to develop and deploy fully supported Intel Select Solutions to HPC customers. Bright has a long track record of experience with the Intel HPC Platform Specification, which provides the architectural foundation and proven software compatibility of these solutions.

Bright first announced that our software had qualified for the Intel Select Solution for Simulation and Modeling at ISC in 2019. The partnership means that customers can confidently enjoy the compatibility and performance of Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling while simultaneously gaining the flexibility and productivity of Bright’s powerful Cluster Manager.

During the podcast, Lee talks about how, in the past, clustered infrastructure management tools were largely used by HPC. He explains that the industry is now seeing a trend of adoption by AI, container-based, and cloud (on-premise and public) workloads.

Looking forward, Lee explains that the future of AI will see new technologies like autonomous cars using complex simulation and modeling in small scale systems, continuing the legacy of HPC.

You can explore the Intel Select Solutions for Simulation & Modeling, and other performance-optimized configurations at  For more information about the partnership, please email