Bright. OpenStack. Ceph. It’s a no brainer!


By Mark Sargeant | September 03, 2015 |




We recently announced an integration of Bright's OpenStack solution with Ceph, which has piqued the interest of a number of my customers. Companies that span the manufacturing and financial industries, as well as educational establishments are demonstrating a desire to learn more. These organisations see the Bright integration as a way to add highly available and self-healing storage to their OpenStack environment.

So, I recorded a short video to explain what the Ceph / OpenStack integration means to Bright customers.

In the video, I talk about the importance of OpenStack storage, how Ceph integrates with OpenStack, and the value that Bright offers.

Bright OpenStack can deploy a Ceph environment as a standalone, or as an OpenStack storage backend, to monitor that environment using over 60 Ceph-specific metrics, and manage it by adding and removing physical nodes, updating the operating system on storage nodes, and more.

So I encourage you to click on the video link below, and contact the Bright team if you have any questions:


Bright OpenStack