Bright Works with NVIDIA and NetApp on End-to-end Enterprise-class Support for AI Workloads in the Data Center


By Lee Carter | April 12, 2021 | Bright Cluster Manager, AI



Ever since I joined Bright back in early 2014, I have been delighted with the level of collaboration we have with NVIDIA; in fact, it was not long after joining that we announced Day Zero support for NVIDIA’s latest K80 GPU. Fast forward a small number of years and many hours of Bright engineering investment on NVIDIA technologies, and I am once again pleased that Bright is now providing the cluster management component for NVIDIA and NetApp’s latest turnkey AI solution.

Unveiled at the end of February, the NetApp ONTAP AI integrated solution enables organizations to “fully realize the promise of AI by simplifying, accelerating, and integrating [their] data pipeline with the NetApp ONTAP AI-proven infrastructure solution, powered by NVIDIA DGX™ systems and NetApp cloud-connected, all-flash storage.

The solution comes in three pre-configured sizes and is pre-tested and optimized for the scale of AI resources that a modern enterprise might need. The solution promises to streamline the flow of data reliably and accelerate training and inference with a high-speed data fabric.

So, what role does Bright play here?

As I mentioned, Bright Computing has a strong collaboration with NVIDIA, stretching back for nearly 10 years. Recently, we were honored to be invited to join NVIDIA’s DGX-Ready Software program to deliver proven enterprise-grade solutions that increase data science productivity, accelerate AI workflows, and improve deployment, accessibility, and utilization of AI infrastructure.

NVIDIA DGX systems can be managed in clusters by Bright Cluster Manager. In fact, the cluster provisioning, management, and monitoring offered by Bright make it really easy for customers to deploy their DGX system clusters.

Why was Bright Cluster Manager chosen to underpin the NVIDIA DGX A100 compute resources inside the new NetApp ONTAP AI solution? Here are a few reasons:

  • Deploys easily - Bright Cluster Manager automatically installs server images, Kubernetes, HPC workload managers, machine learning packages & libraries, Apache Spark, and more on the chosen Linux distribution
  • Installs on bare metal - With nothing to pre-install, Bright enables administrators to quickly build a cluster from bare metal servers or VMs
  • Provides comprehensive monitoring – Bright monitors, visualizes, and analyzes a comprehensive set of hardware, software, job- and user-based metrics, and workload accounting and reporting
  • Includes two powerful user interfaces – Bright provisions, monitors, and manages clusters via a traditional command-line interface or with the web-based graphical user interface called Bright View
  • Integrates hardware management – Bright leverages powerful NVIDIA GPU management and monitoring capabilities to provide maximum control of an HPC cluster

As the AI and HPC markets continue to converge and evolve, Bright helps our customers remove complexity to run successful compute and GPU-rich environments cost-effectively and efficiently, embracing the very latest technologies. With NVIDIA playing such an important role in driving the AI market forward, it is no surprise that our collaboration continues to flourish, as together we push technology boundaries; always striving for the best solutions to deliver to our customers.

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