Bright’s Plans for CIUK, and Our Collaboration with Intel on the 2020 Cluster Challenge


By Lee Carter | November 25, 2020 |



You won’t be surprised to hear that CIUK 2020 will be a virtual event this year. This marks CIUK’s 31st year, and it will be the first ever online event for the team. Rather fittingly, the theme of the 2020 event will be “computing in a virtual world”, looking at how approaches to research and working practices have changed during the pandemic. 

Taking place on Thursday December 3rd, Bright Computing will be an event exhibitor; albeit in a virtual booth. We are also one of the event sponsors, and are delighted to share a video regarding our latest release, Bright Cluster Manager 9.1, as part of the CIUK programme.  

Bright Cluster Manager is our market leading software that builds HPC, data science, and private cloud Linux clusters, and provides cluster management capabilities from edge to core to cloud. Bright Cluster Manager comprises built-in expertise, integrated cluster build, management, monitoring, and platform independence. The recent 9.1 announcement includes a wealth of new functionality that takes simplified cluster management to a whole new level. Check out the comprehensive list of new features and functionality, here

Despite the virtual nature of CIUK on December 3rd, the CIUK student cluster competition will not be thwarted, and the university teams press ahead as they complete various challenges. 

This year, one of the CIUK cluster competition sponsors is our valued partner, Intel®. As this is the first year that Intel is involved in the cluster challenge, they wanted to make sure the students had access to the best HPC-orientated system available in the UK. So, Intel provided the students with access to one of their main HPC clusters, installed at their advanced data centre in Swindon. This is a facility used for all of Intel’s prospects and customers for benchmarking and testing, and it also acts as a testing ground for new technology; the perfect environment for the next generation of budding HPC technologists.

Here at Bright, we were delighted to play our part in this exciting project. The Intel cluster that the students are using for the competition is underpinned by Bright Cluster Manager, which automates the process of building and managing the student clusters. The competition is taking place right now, and you can follow progress, here. We look forward to seeing the results when they are announced in December. And, we are excited to welcome you to our virtual booth on December 3rd, although it won’t be the same as seeing you all in person!

Register for CIUK, here.