Case Study - University of Nevada Las Vegas Puts its Trust in Bright and Advanced HPC


By Bright Staff | December 05, 2017 | HPC, Advanced HPC



On November 7, Bright Computing announced that the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) had selected Bright technology to manage its latest supercomputing environment, and Advanced HPC for the design and implementation.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is a public research institution committed to rigorous educational programs and the highest standards of a liberal education. The Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine (NIPM) is an institute of the University that works to improve individual and systemic health care through translational clinical scientific research, education and workforce training, commercialization of technologies, and job creation.

Two years ago, NIPM implemented a small system to enable a group of researchers
to download and analyze genomic data. The system was designed and implemented
by Bright Computing partner, Advanced HPC, and was highly customized to suit the
department’s requirements. When NIPM chose to upgrade its supercomputing environment, it once again chose a solution from Advanced HPC and Bright Computing.  

This case study looks at the project in more detail, to discover more about the requirements of the University, the role that Advanced HPC played, and the solution provided by Bright Computing.

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