Chasing a Goal of Complete User Satisfaction: A Case Study


By Lionel Gibbons | December 04, 2015 | FAU



Complete user satisfaction is a goal that is easy to state but hard to achieve. Our newest case study tells how Florida Atlantic University (FAU) did just that while providing students access to a diverse set of high-performance computing (HPC) resources to perform world-leading research, and to support faculty in providing world-class education. The 56-node cluster, affectionately nicknamed Ko’Ko, is used for teaching the use of big data analytics , such as Hadoop, to conduct bioinformatics research and other modeling and visualization work.

FAU selected Bright Cluster Manager software to administfau-1.jpger the Ko’Ko HPC cluster. Administrators say Bright Cluster Manager has significantly increased automation, made troubleshooting a breeze, and will easily scale to meet expected future growth.

This is key, since Ko’Ko is expected to double in size every year as FAU pursues more areas of research. Right now, they are looking at adding research in medicine, big data analytics, physics, and astronomy, while other academics at FAU are considering using the cluster for software development.

From this study, you can learn:

  • How Bright Cluster Manager helped FAU automate management tasks.
  • How Bright’s quick feedback helped FAU’s team get a jump on fixing both large and small issues quickly – and meet their primary goal of complete user satisfaction.
  • How Bright made deployment easy, offering a simple learning curve compared with other alternatives.

Read the entire case study here.

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