CHPC – Did Bright Deliver on its Promise?


By Lee Carter | July 06, 2017 | HPC



CHPC has been a Bright customer since 2015. We first wrote about CHPC shortly after the South Africa-based research organization had chosen Bright Cluster Manager to manage the infrastructure of its supercomputer facility, and since that time, our two companies have built a strong and dynamic relationship.

There was a huge amount of publicity around the original phase of the project, as this was set to be the largest supercomputer on the African continent. Both Dell and Mellanox were involved, and the solution was delivered by Eclipse Holdings.

Now that the second phase of the project has been completed, we decided to revisit the CHPC use case, to see how the deployment has gone, and to find out if Bright has delivered on our promise of a sophisticated and easy to use management platform, in order to simplify, centralise and automate the administration of the many moving parts of the CHPC HPC infrastructure.

Read the case study to find out more.