Cloud Expo Frankfurt – A Review


By Clemens Engler | December 02, 2015 | OpenStack, HPC, CaaS, Bimodal IT



Cloud-Expo-FF.jpgIn 2015 we have been busy expanding our footprint – and our team – in the DACH region. With a growing customer and partner base, we’re pleased with our momentum across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  So far this year, we have announced customer wins at the CeMM – the Center for Molecular Modelling,  BioMed XGWDG, University of Stuttgart, Vienna’s Scientific Cluster, not to mention many others that haven’t yet been publically announced.

While Bright in the DACH region has a strong foothold in the HPC space, the Cloud industry is a relatively new market for us, and so we were excited to be exhibiting for the first time at Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt.

So how did it go?

CE-1.jpgThe audience, I’d estimate, was probably 2/3 German and 1/3 international. We had a good stream of traffic to our booth, which kept the whole team very busy.  It was also pleasing to see many attendees come back several times; requesting more information, or introducing their colleagues, or simply to ask more questions about what we do at Bright. Conversations were obviously cloud related, but the fact that Bright has proven our technology in the HPC and big data camps, made our offering that much more appealing.  A notable service provider told us we offered “the best software solution at the show” – that was a real high point!

We shared two fundamentally important messages with delegates at the show.

Firstly, Bimodal IT. This is a concept from Gartner that captures a growing trend in the enterprise space where organisations often run two different types of IT environment at the same time. On the one hand; a rigid (often premise-based), mission critical environment. And on the other; a more flexible and dynamic (often virtualised) second environment. Bright empowers enterprises to run these two environments concurrently, while at the same time simplifying the process by providing administration staff the ability to manage both from a single pane of glass. It’s a compelling solution that solves a huge problem for companies. In fact, it goes a stage further by enabling businesses to embrace the concept of digital transformation – or as we call it, “elastic silos” - allowing you to move parts of the rigid IT environment over to the more dynamic virtualised environment, giving them the ability to grow and shrink according to the importance of the process; all controlled and managed by Bright.


The second discussion topic was what we call Cluster as a Service (CaaS). When you need compute power, it’s hard to beat a clustered solution, but setting up the hardware & software can be challenging. CaaS gives you the ability to stand up & tear down clustered infrastructure in whatever configuration you need, whenever you need it.  At Bright, we even use CaaS in-house to rapidly provision virtual clusters inside our own OpenStack-powered private cloud. Our customers love the enhanced responsiveness it has given us when supporting them, and are asking us to give them the same capability! And it’s so easy. All you need to do is define the size of the cluster (number of nodes) and type of virtual machines, pick which version of Bright Cluster Manager you want to install, specify the Linux distribution you want, and press ENTER. That’s it!

Both of these subjects were well received and we look forward to following up on some new business opportunities as a result.

As a closing comment, another key takeaway from the show was the interest we saw from Cloud providers wishing to partner with Bright. We had several interesting discussions at the show, and I’m looking forward to bringing these Cloud provider companies into our partner ecosystem in due course.

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